QR Code Creator Professional

Scan and create QR Codes

QR Codes are becoming more and more common. As link to websites, product information, business cards.

Create QR Codes in a simple way.
Just enter your text, URL, SMS or your vCard contact data. The QR Code is generated automatically. You can save and share the QR Code afterwards.

Scan QR Codes quickly and accurately.
Simply start the app and point the camera at the QR Code. The app reads all formats like text, links, SMS, contact data etc. If you enter a URL, the corresponding web page can be opened directly.

Created codes can be saved as favorites or found and managed in the history. The app also offers various functions for sharing the codes, such as SMS, mail, save as image, display on screen, copy to clipboard.

Main functions
- Creating QR Codes
- Scanning QR Codes
- Direct opening for URL links
- Share
- Favourites and history
- Management of the scan process
- Display QR Code as image
- Display Content of the QR Code

- Simple and user friendly
- Applicable without Internet connection
- Optimized for smartphones and tablets
- New program functions automatically available
- Can be extended if required









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